Tough Qualifying for Car 5

October 5, 2018 7:21 pm

The tough day has continued for Car 5 with trouble in Qualifying at Mount Panorama.

After a stellar job by the team to fix the car after the crash in Practice 4, the car made it out, with time to spare, for Practice 5. The team used the session to iron out any problems and make sure the car was ready for Qualifying.

However, during the Qualifying session, Mark experienced a stuck throttle as he went into the Chase which caused him to spear off the track. He brought the car straight back into the garage so the crew could get to work fixing the problem.

The crew were able to fix the throttle problem but the off track excursion affected the car settings and caused Mark grief for the rest of the Qualifying session.

Car 5 ended up qualifying in P19 for the race.

Dean: “I think we’re all just about ready to go to bed and try to forget the day. P19 is not where we wanted to be on the grid but issues plagued as all day. Thankfully, it’s a long race on Sunday so hopefully we can claw back some positions.”

Saturday will seem another Practice session, before warm up Sunday morning and then the Great Race at 11:10am.

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