Storm ends Pirtek Enduro Cup

October 21, 2018 9:37 pm

The last day of the Pirtek Endurance Cup has been cut short due to stormy weather conditions on the Gold Coast.

The threat of rain and the impact on the race had been the subject up and down pitlane all Sunday morning but the day started in good weather conditions. Mark was pushing hard during the Qualifying session, but unfortunately was hurt by a kerb strike during his flying lap so he lost the lap time. They ended the session in P14.

Dean: “Mark was unlucky with the kerb strike on his flyer. The lap time probably would have seen us scrape into the Shootout so it’s a real shame. Starting two places behind where we started yesterday is not where we wanted to be. Luck played our way a bit yesterday and I think we’ll need some more today. The rain is threatening though so that could even things up a bit for us.”

All teams were very closely watching the radar after the Shootout as a large storm band was headed straight to the track. By the time the cars headed to the grid, pit crews were quickly gathering the wet weather tyres to take to the grid just in case. By the time the warm up lap was underway, Supercars had already declared the track as wet as a few spots of rain fell.

As the rain started to fall and the track got slippery, the cars started to slip and slide around the place. On the in lap to get wet tyres, Paul Dumbrell got caught out by the slippery track and went into the tyre bundle at turn 13. Dean wasn’t aware of the incident as he approached and had to take evasive action to miss the cars. He didn’t suffer any damage but was stuck there until most of the field went past. He eventually rejoined in P19 before handing the car over to Mark. While under Safety Car, the rain got heavier and the amount of water on the track became dangerous, with Supercars electing to suspend the race until the weather subdued.

After later completing more laps under Safety Car, the race was again suspended as the track was deemed unsafe. With time ticking down, the race was eventually cancelled. Due to the required number of laps not being completed, the Race was abandoned and no results were recorded.

Dean: “That was crazy. It was chaos in pitlane. The garage had turned into a river. The main guys are walking around with plastic bags on their feet because no one wants to get in the car with wet boots.”

“Suspending the race was the right call but it’s just a shame that’s how the Enduro Cup finished. We’d had a tough race anyway and weren’t in a good position when it was suspended but no one wants to walk away from race weekend with a nil result.”

The GC600 wrapped up the Pirtek Enduro Cup with Dean and Mark eventually finishing in P??.

Dean: “It’s been a really disappointing enduro cup this year and it’s hard to walk away again, without spraying any champagne. Mark and I really gave it our all. We had faultless races at Sandown & the first race at Gold Coast but we just didn’t have the pace to be able to compete with the front runners. It’s tough.”

Dean’s next racing event will be Challenge Bathurst in November where he’ll race the Trofeo Motorsport Lamborghini Huracan.

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