Practice improvements at Gold Coast 600

October 23, 2015 8:00 pm

Friday was a busy day at the Gold Coast 600 with 4 practice sessions across the day. Dean & Dave had two sessions each with Dave participating in Practice 1 & 4 & Dean participating in 2 & 3.

After the first session, it was evident that they guys had some work to do with the their time only quick enough for P12. They would have to use all practice sessions to make changes & tune the car ready for Qualifying on Saturday.

Dean struggled on old tyres in Practice 2 & 3, finishing in P18 in Practice 2. After some fine tuning they were able to make up some time improving to P14 in Practice 3.

After some more fine tuning, Dave completed the final Practice session in P5. With no warm up on Saturday, before Qualifying, the guys will work with the engineers & crew overnight to get the setup right for Saturday morning.

Dean: “My practice sessions were pretty tough today. The tyres I had, already had about 90kms on them before I went out so there wasn’t much left in them. It was still plenty of good track time & allowed us to fine tune the car. We’ve still got a bit more improvement to make but I’m confident we’ll be close to the pointy end in Qualifying.”

Qualifying will be on Saturday morning at 10:00am followed by the Top 10 Shootout at 11:20am. The first race of the weekend will then begin at 2:35pm.

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