Tough conditions at the Island

November 20, 2015 5:31 pm

The first day at Phillip Island has been a tough one for all drivers & even tougher for Dean with varying weather conditions across the two practice sessions. Intermittent rain meant that drivers spent most of both sessions on wet weather tyres.

Dean: “Today’s weather made it really difficult to get an idea on where we are at. The track conditions kept changing & I only really got 3 dry laps in during the first practice session.”

Dean spent a large portion of both sessions in the middle of the field until the dry line developed & everyone changed to slicks.

Dean: “It was tough to try & get a good lap in with only 3 laps & we missed the window a little bit. I’m having to learn a new car. After being at PRA for 8 years, I having to change my driving style & the wet track makes it difficult to do that. On my fastest lap, I made an error as well so my quickest time wasn’t an accurate indicator of our position.

Despite being towards the back end of the field during both sessions, Dean is positive about the weekend & working with the team.

Dean: “Today was really about getting some data so I could analyse it & see what I need to do to drive these cars differently. It was a great opportunity to get comfortable & see how the team works as every team works a little differently.”

Dean ended the practice sessions in 24th & 20th.

Tomorrow sees a single practice session in the morning before the two qualifying session & then Race 31 & 32 in the afternoon. For up to date information follow Dean on Twitter – @deancanto.


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