Orthopaedics SA joins Dean for Clipsal 500

February 26, 2016 2:45 pm

The South Australian orthopaedic group, Orthopaedics SA will join Dean for the Clipsal 500 in March this year. Their logo will be featured on the bonnet of the Lamborghini Gallardo when Dean races in the Australian GT Sprint Series.

Dean: “I”m really pleased to have Orthopaedics SA join me for Clipsal this year. I had a niggling injury in my knee from a racing accident a few years ago. I was having some trouble with with it last year & the Ortho SA doctors took care great care of me & I ended up not needing surgery which was great.”

David Hermann – Director of Orthopaedics SA: ““Orthopaedics SA is proud to support Dean as he competes in the Australian GT Sprint series this year.  We aim to assist people in all forms of exercise, recreation and competitive sport, including of course, motorsport; and we are extremely pleased to be associated with one of South Australia’s most successful racing drivers.  We wish Dean and Andrew all the best for the coming season.”

Orthopaedics SA – Bone & Joint Specialists, is the largest orthopaedic group in SA, providing expert medical care for patients of all ages. They treat bone and joint problems relating to arthritis, degenerative conditions, sports injuries, trauma, fractures and genetics. For more information head to www.orthosa.com.au

Clipsal 500 kicks off on March 3rd and the Australian GT Sprint Series will race on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

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