Penalty costs Dean a Top 10 finish

March 23, 2018 5:09 pm

A post race penalty has cost Dean a top 10 finish in Race 1 of the Australian GT Championship at the Australian Grand Prix.

Dean crossed the finish line in position 6 but was given a post race penalty for breaching the starting rules. While the penalty received was only 5 seconds, the race had finished under safety car condition which pushed him down the grid to P13.

Dean: “I’m pretty frustrated. The guy in front of me was about to jump the start so he jumped on the brakes. I swerved to miss him but it meant I came up along side him which is classed as a breach of the start rules. Given that we finished under safety car meant the penalty pushed me a fair way down the field.”

The finishing positions for Race 1 is also their starting positions for Race 3 so Dean will start Race 3 on Saturday from P3.

Race 2 is on Friday and is for the AM drivers in the category.


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