Another penalty ruins AGP campaign

March 25, 2018 5:43 pm

Dean has received another penalty during a wet Race 3 at Australian Grand Prix for a breach of safety car restart procedures. Initially crossing the finish line in P8, Dean was informed of the penalty post race.

Dean: “I’m so frustrated. I had the exact same thing happen to me in Race 3 as I did in Race 1, with the guy in front jumping on the brakes so he didn’t breach the start. I again swerved to miss him so got penalised.”

While what caused the penalty was almost identical, the second penalty fell under a different rule.

Dean: “It was the start of the race but, it was so wet and slippery, they started under safety car so I was penalised as a breach of safety car procedures and not starting procedures.”

The difference in rules meant a heftier penalty with Dean copping a 15 second penalty.

Dean: “The race finished under safety car again so the penalty was a huge blow. It dropped me from 8th to 20th.”

Australian Grand Prix Results:

Race 1: Dean – 12th

Race 2: Jim – 29th

Race 3: Dean – 20th

Race 4: Jim – 21st

Championship Standings:

Dean Canto / Jim Manolios – 12th (44 points)

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